So you’ve been tasked to organize an office team building event, now what? Organizing a fun, interesting and unique experience for a group of colleagues with varying backgrounds, interests and skills can be a daunting task. Team building isn’t just about finding suitable entertainment for your colleagues, but it is about unifying the team towards a common purpose which leads to stronger commitments to the company.

Psst…keep reading, Secret City Adventures has developed a brand new team building experience that will for sure bring the team together in a fun, unique and exhilarating way!

A new corporate event - Secret City Society

Trust falls and rope courses don’t cut it anymore in the world of team building, so how do you achieve team unity and team bonding?

Getting Out of the Office
There are several benefits of getting out of the office. It allows you to connect with your peers in a different environment than your day-to-day. A change in environment is refreshing and it allows the team to reset and be inspired. Nobody wants to be stuck in a dull routine, so changing up the environment can promote team synergy and helps refocus the team towards a clear common goal.

Tackling a Problem Together
Everybody has their own strengths and weaknesses and learning about each other’s strengths and weaknesses allow for the team to work better and more efficiently together. Sometimes a job title comes with an expectation of someone’s skill set or interest. But many times, while you’re tackling a puzzle outside of the work environment, you begin to learn that your colleagues can be multifaceted and have several interests and skills that can be useful to the development of the company. Solving problems or puzzles together also helps strengthen the synergy between coworkers. Having a common goal and finding ways to achieve that goal cohesively will give coworkers a chance to learn how to work most effectively together.

Having Fun and Laughing
Laughter is known to be good for the soul and the mind. Being able to laugh and have fun with your peers encourages a stronger corporate culture and motivates the team to work with each other in a positive and happy environment. Laughter can help promote company morale and reinvigorate the team to work hard together to grow the company.

A new way to teambuild - Secret City Society

So what has Secret City Adventures developed that companies are calling non-stop to book? The answer is our latest immersive experience – Secret City Society !

“Exhilarating, social, and flexible for up to 120 players, Secret City Society is a new type of experience that’s perfect for team building, ice breaking and networking!” – Player Feedback

Secret City Society is a team based game centered around miniature challenges played with a variety of tools and interactions. Over the course of 90 minutes, players are invited to compete in the Society’s challenges at the chance of winning a key to the city and being able to join the ranks of their exclusive club.

Tailored to fit any organization where no two games will be the same, Secret City Society promises a great time with lots of laughter that brings back childhood memories. Venues, prizes and more can be customized by you and your organization. Its intended audience is primarily large groups of people looking to have an experience brought to a venue of their choice.

Secret City Society can be at any venue which offers plenty of flexibility. The game can be hosted at your office boardroom, a condo’s game room, a bar, an event venue, a restaurant, a cruise ship…the list is endless! The flexibility of venues definitely can satisfy the benefits of getting out of the office which allows for your employees to be refreshed and be re-inspired.

Secret City Society

The game offers enough puzzles in the Imaginarium that allows the teams to collaborate in unique ways to solve the puzzles designed specifically with team building in mind.  The fact that the players are split into teams and must strategize together on how to win the keys to this exclusive city offers a different environment for your employees to communicate and gel together.

Let’s not forget about the sheer amount of laughter that comes with the game! Secret City Society is bound to have tons of laughter as you roll up your sleeves and physically duel one another on these wacky challenges that bring back childhood memories.

So what are you waiting for? Click here to learn more about Secret City Society, the exciting, theatrical immersive experience designed with corporate team building and networking in mind! This was made for you!

Do you dare to duel?