Over at Casa Loma, we operate plenty of adventures for family and friends to enjoy. One of our most popular games, Station M, gives players a chance to practice their spy skills. Because who doesn’t dream of being part of a covert operation, right? Right! Now, you’d be surprised how many recognizable figures have had involvement with covert operations of their own. We’ve thrown together a list of some worth noting. Read on below!



Ian Fleming:
We’ll start with the man responsible for one of the most notable spies of all time. We’re talking about the creator of James Bond, folks. Was it a trip to Jamaica or perhaps was it his history in intelligence that inspired 007? Well, the history might be it! However, looking any further than his work with British Intelligence behind enemy lines would be as you imagine, classified.

Christopher Lee:
You may know him as Dracula, Count Dooku, Saruman or even Lord Summerisle. What’s specifically said about him is actually classified, but one thing has been made clear. Before taking on his many villainous roles, he worked as a British spy. Before his scripted lines, you could find him behind enemy Iines; but maybe that’s a story we’ll never hear?

Christopher Lee as Count Dooku


Lucky Luciano:
This well-known crime boss was known for taking violent and thuggish mobs and turning them into organized crime machines. A by-product of being a boss of bosses is you’ll have immeasurable reach. Once Lucky was detained, the government would use him to find and arrest German spies hiding in America.

Greta Garbo:
Greta was known as one of the first true Hollywood bombshells. Her work in the film industry during the ’30s would earn her a spot on the original “A-list”. Retiring at the age of 35 began to spur rumours. Was she working as a spy? Many suggest so. Some even say that she was once tasked with the mission of smuggling a man into Britain from Copenhagen.

Greta Garbo


Frank Sinatra:
He’s sold over 150 million records worldwide. Spoken in the same breath as Elvis, The Beatles and Michael Jackson. Now he’s in a blog post about spies! It was actually Frank Sinatra’s daughter, Tina who would be the one to reveal his work with the Kennedy’s and the CIA. With his acquired wealth, Sinatra would come in control of his own air travel. On occasion, Sinatra would use his private jet to take people in and out of the country. He also would have a hand in swaying votes in West Virginia for the Kennedy administration. As you can imagine, this man leads a life worth far more than a blog paragraph. Remember to #StayCurious folks!

Frank Sinatra

Robert Baden-Powell:
Maybe you’ve heard of the Boy Scouts? Well, This man is credited with creating the organization! He made a name for himself during the Second Boer War and returned to England decorated as a hero. With this new-found fame, he would go on to create the Boy Scouts. The organization was allegedly a front at first. With it, he was able to visit various countries and gather intelligence for his homeland. Who would’ve thought!?

Harry Houdini:
Known as the greatest escape artist of all time, it doesn’t come as a surprise that Harry Houdini’s talents would be looked upon by authorities. When cooperative, he was asked to join the ranks of European police officers. Somehow, we imagine he was able to get out of it though.

Roald Dahl:
Known for saying “Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.” His books are known to champion the kindhearted, but did you know he was once a championed fighter pilot in the British Royal Air Force? He would later receive injuries while flying. This forced the British to find another role for him. Being popular with women at the time, they found it fitting for him to work in intelligence. He was tasked with seducing powerful American women and promoting British interests throughout the US. Roald Dahl, you sly fox you.

Fantastic Mr. Fox

Any shockers on this list? The Boy Scouts front definitely threw us for a loop! Love spy lore? You might like our Station M experience over at Casa Loma. You can explore the covert operations that once took place right under the nose of many Torontonians!