We’re gearing up for the holidays here at the Secret City Adventures office and we realized there was only one thing missing to make it extra perfect: Puzzle Pumpkin! If you recall, we had our very first Puzzle Pumpkin this past Halloween. It was so much fun that we’ve decided to make it a recurring team effort and, of course, the name had to stay because it is just that good.

So, last week before our staff party we all gathered ‘round for Puzzle Pumpkin: Christmas Edition! This time around, we swapped out pumpkins for Christmas baubles and used them as inspiration for our puzzles.

The rules were simple:

  1. The Christmas bauble must be used in a substantial way.
  2. It must be able to hang on the tree.
  3. It must be done within a time limit.
  4. No matter what, you must present your puzzle.

And with that, we were off! Now, it must be said that due to time constraints, we overall had less time with these puzzles than we did with our Halloween ones. That didn’t deter the team from coming up with some incredible puzzles!

The Creative Process: During.

The Creative Process: Aftermath


The Secret Message Puzzle: Inside this bauble was a message. The keys to decipher it were hanging on the tree, disguised as mere ornaments. Instead of one key, there were three keys in total to figure out this message.

The Perspective Puzzle: This puzzle was simple yet effective: when you looked at it from a particular angle a photo was revealed. Even better: it was a photo of another team member creating his puzzle pumpkin. We appreciate the extra sneak factor.

The Cipher Puzzle: The creator of this puzzle was late to get started but he managed to craft one of the hardest puzzles to crack! This message was cracked only by looking at the puzzle in the right way and swapping out letters.

The Message In The Lights Puzzle: The secret message to this puzzle was hidden in the Christmas lights! (And no, it didn’t have anything to do with the Upside Down.)

The Let It Snow Pumpkin: Hidden messages were very popular  for this Puzzle Pumpkin addition! We loved finding this message hidden in the snowflake design.

The Treasure Hunt Puzzle: This puzzle had multiple steps that led the puzzlee (totally a thing) on a fun little adventure. The first clues were in the letter attached to the bauble. Only by following all the clues could you get to the prize at the end!

The Spinning Puzzle: Another secret message puzzle, but this time with a twist—literally! There were strings attached to the top and bottom of this bauble, which you used to spin the puzzle. The spinning action would reveal the message.

The Riddle Puzzle: This puzzle involved solving a fun riddle. There was a cipher code to use, which was found on the opposite side of the bauble!


Puzzle Pumpkin: Christmas Edition was the perfect way to end off our amazing year. The only thing more fun for us than making puzzles is getting to solve them. It’s amazing what you can do with a Christmas bauble, crafting supplies, and a good idea, right? Right! And this is the exact same process we use when creating puzzles for our escape games and experiences. Do you think you can crack those puzzles? There’s only one way to find out…

Happy Holidays and Happy Puzzling from the Secret City Adventures Team!