Here at Secret City Adventures, we design games known for rewriting team dynamics. Family gathering? No problem! Had a long team meeting? We’ve got you covered! Just looking for something to do? Come on down! Escaping monotony is no easy task, that’s why we champion those who #StayCurious!

Today we’re doing just that. We’re championing those who managed to escape their workplace! The goal was to find stories that were a little more daring than the standard 2 weeks notice. If you have a story of your own you’d like to share, be sure to let us know on our Facebook or Twitter pages!

Escape: Workplace Edition!

Jet Blue Airlines
We’ll start the list with Jet Blue Airlines. A former flight attendant would get into a heated debate with a passenger. This passenger frustrated the attendant so much that they would go on the intercom to vent their frustrations. After disrupting the cabin passengers, the soon-to-be ex-employee would also take two beers and activate the emergency slide. Consequently, they were put on 1-year probation as well as fined 10K for mischief.

Video Producer Goes Viral
The story is set at 4:30AM in the morning. Working for Next Media Animation was apparently a nightmare. So much so that an American video producer decided to express her sentiments for the company through interpretive dance. The video would be circulated to receive millions of views before being taken down.

Video Producer Goes Viral
Due to it featuring music from Kanye West, the video was taken down from Youtube for violating copyright. Don’t sweat! you can find the video in its entirety here.

Roberta’s in Brooklyn
On a lighter note, we’ll go to Brooklyn. Roberta’s is a popular pizza place there. Known for serving the Clinton’s back in 2012, but we’ll leave the politics to CBC… On the last day on the job for a waitress would the bold idea come to light. The waitress that day would choose to work completely naked, but she didn’t stop there. As if working the last shift nude weren’t enough, the waitress’ back also read “PEACE OUT”.
Waitress at Roberta's QuitsMadonna
Yes that’s right. THE Madonna had a pretty exciting exit from her job once. We can only hope she doesn’t leave her new one… While working at a donut pop-up in Times Square, the mega pop star would squirt jelly from a donut on a customer. Accident or not, this wasn’t taken lightly. She was fired on the spot. To that customer who was covered in donut jelly, Thank you.
Madonna getting fired from donut spot
A Message for 2K

2K Australia is a gaming company. The now ex-employee decided that they would move on to working on their own independent games. This wouldn’t be possible without a proper farewell however. This farewell project of sorts would feature a fairly familiar face in the gaming community. Sounds ambiguous? Take a minute to check out the farewell project for yourself!
A message to 2K Australia
Well that was inspiring, wasn’t it? It really makes you think twice about the standard protocol of 2-weeks notice! Save for that last example, many of these scenarios would jeopardize your career and social standing. Sounds risky huh? Well, that’s where we come in!

With experiences as out of the ordinary as ours, you’ll never need to get this creative in your workplace exit strategy. So what are you waiting for? Unleash that pent up creativity in one of our immersive escape rooms!