Here at Secret City Adventures where we champion those who “#StayCurious”, we take pride in the skeptics that we’ve managed to nurture over the years. Our Escape Rooms, though challenging and mysterious, have yet to be deemed “unbeatable”. What we’ll be covering today is a very real place with a very real history of being “unbeatable”.

We’re talking of course, about the Bermuda Triangle. Bermuda TriangleDid you know it’s often referred to as the “Devil’s Triangle”? This section of the Northern Atlantic Ocean is known for its mysterious disappearances. In case you haven’t checked the Wikipedia page, the earliest suggestion of unusual disappearances in the Triangle is reported to be on September 17th, 1950. Despite this, we think there may be room for revision… 

The day is December 6th, 1945 and Five U.S. Navy Avenger torpedo-bombers have taken off from the St. Lauderdale Air Station in Florida. The crew would be known as “Flight 19”. They were expected to complete a three-hour long training exercise, but as the mission went on, strange occurrences began to unfold.

Two hours into the exercise, the squad’s leader reported that his compass had been “acting up”. Not only was the leader’s compass malfunctioning, but their backup compass as well! The other pilots reportedly experienced the similar issues with their navigation systems. Little radio transmissions were being received from either the pilots or the Air Station, so a rescue operation was put into effect.

The squadron leader, in fear of fuel depletion, ordered his team to abandon their aircrafts. The rescue operation team that was sent to find the crew was lost in the process of finding the original “Flight 19”. Neither crews we’re ever seen again.

Some claim extraterrestrial involvement; others claim weather anomalies played a role in the disappearances. Whatever it is that seems to be taking place in the Devil’s Triangle remains to be a mystery to many.

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